(re)Discovering the Net

Still thinking in web 2.0 as a modern though? Then you need us ... (re)Discover the net potential for your business by taking advantage of our custom services. Marketing 3.1, advanced hosting, videomarketing, microsites, landing pages ...

discover our flavours and mix them to your taste


Web + design: Redesigning and customization of your web page. New ideas, fresh perspective, and bespoke designs for your project.

a fresh start

Fruit Salad

Microsite: Why not a special site for your customers? A place to display your product in an innovative way. Or a place where clients can participate in your specific promotion...

special project special flavor

Banana Split

Videomarketing Let's step beyond; video is the communication tool that enables you to explain complex ideas in minutes or seconds.

who says no to a good video


Social Media & Content Management we help you to manage your Social Networks, creating and maintaining the value of your content.

if you're not on the internet you don't exist


Software custom solutions Do you need specific functionality for your project? We have a broad area of expertise and can cater to your every need!

If you imagine it we can do it


Mailing Still sending 7000 e-mails from your account? We provide a delivering platform. Give us whatever you want to send, tell us who to send it to and we send it in your name in a fancy way and give you back stats about it.

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